Number one:

A Little Bit of Europe Big Enough for New York Moving Sounds Festival at the Czech Center

The bit about mise-en:

Ensemble Mise-en, a promising New York group organized by Moon Young Ha, a South Korean composer, offered a disparate set of mostly very recent pieces. Patti Kilroy, a violinist, opened with intensely focused accounts of the California composer Kurt Rohde’s pensive “Night Vase” and frenetic “Obsession Toccata.” Mr. Moon, joined by two pianists and a percussionist, ended the program with “noten )jahre( in Erinnerung an James Avery,” a stark memorial stele by Wolfram Schurig, an Austrian composer.

What tenuously linked the works played in between these was a notion of composition as the organization of acutely distilled gestures: stabs, slurs and bell tones in Pasquale Corrado’s fickle “Pulse”; tenebrous smears and feathery strokes in Bent Sorensen’s “The Lady of Shalott”; brittle Webernesque shards in Elisabeth Harnik’s “Reframing I.” In“Illusive,” a string octet, Mr. Moon evoked a difficult adjustment to New York with a wayward litany of pops, shivers and shrieks, by turns agitated and enervated.

Number two: We signed a lease today to move up to a beautiful shiny big new apartment in Inwood.

Number three: I finished my homework, feel reasonably okay about it, and it isn’t four in the morning.