After a rehearsal yesterday I was dropped off in my old neck of the woods by Lincoln Center so I seized the opportunity to dislodge my bicycle from behind Josh’s living room futon and bring it home (it’s been there several months after moving out.)

Riding a bike with underinflated tires and 15 pounds of purse+violin in tow uphill without a helmet is just a bad idea in general, but the final kick while I’m down was the fact that the only space for it is in the middle of the kitchen, as demonstrated below:


Boom. NYC Apartment strikes again.

The main reason I even posted was because I stumbled upon a Reddit link about invisible bicycle helmets. Really, they’re invisible. They look like a scarf and they’re basically an air bag for your head. For US$600, I’ll probably stick with my ugly, slightly sticky secondhand kid’s camo helmet for the time being, but I can’t wait for this to become a product that real people can afford.