Hanging out in the library today checking out CDs – primary objective was to check out recordings by Ensemble Modern – however, I searched ‘ensemble moderne‘ (oops,) in Bobcat which yielded search results consisting primarily of recordings by a group called Nouvel Ensemble Moderne.

These CDs by NEM rock (as I write, i’m listening to a CD titled ‘Panneton, Demers, Lesage, Evangelista’) but I was a little confused that Ensemble Modern had all these CDs with a different name. I googled ‘ensemble moderne’ and came up with this – where Ensemble Modern’s english site was the first link. NEM appears later in the search query. The search results also include a myspace for a group also called ensemble moderne that is run by an accordion player named J. Kostov, which performs traditional Macedonian music and contemporary chamber music. Their stuff sounds good too.

That was confusing.

Upside of all that is that I discovered two new groups and found lots of fun things to listen to today. I may go see Buke and Gass at Prospect Park tonight, but I already knew about them so whatever. <3