'making it rain' in the least optimal way

Greetings from Buffalo! The rain says hi.

I’m up here playing in the pit for Nickel City Opera‘s version of Il Trovatore – next week we’re playing we have Il Tabarro. Lots of downtime to practice and relax. We’ve got a free day today, so here are a couple things that I’ve done to occupy my time :)

I’ve got a lot of notes to learn this year (see right) for Banglewood, but aside from that, I’m back to slow scales :)

I also made an arrangement of Iz Kamakawiwo’ole’s cover of Somewhere over the Rainbow for violin and viola duet – was messing around with multichannel recording mode on my Zoom H4n and recorded the violin and viola tracks, smooshed them together and stuck it on SoundCloud! woo. it’s below!

turn on (New York City) by thecitylights* – I also heard back from my friend David Gwaltney, who reminded me of this album that I laid down tracks for many moons ago! I’m even improvising in it!

You can check the album out here :)