Searching ‘paper violin mute’ (I need one, and have zero) I encountered this:

Can i mute a violin by filling it with water?

my parents sleep often so i have to mute my violin down to where i don’t wake them up. i like to practice a lot and since it’s summer there’s really nothing to do so i practice. i was hoping that if i filled the violin with water and taped the holes shut that it would mute it a lot since you know how u can’t hear anything underwater, i thought that this will extremely mute my violin. i’m not afraid of harming my violin b/c it’s like the crappiest violin ever. my private teacher told me it was below average and i think my parents got it off ebay lke really cheap. there’s not even a name tag inside. i tried putting tissue paper over the holes to mute it. i also clipped rubber pieces to the bottom of the bridge. i have an ultra violin mute but i don’t thinkk it’s enough. so i’m taking my violin in to the muting extreme, filling it with water. is the glue soluable? is this a good idea? anyone have any good ideas about homemade mutes?


I later found an eHow article on making a mute, but it took some time. I didn’t use a dollar bill.