My bag is full of glorious paper, paper for things I’m playing! here are some things I’m very excited about, with more to come in the very near future :)

Thursday, April 28th – Mix Nouveau Concert @ Loewe Theatre

Over the semester, I collaborated with composers Tim Hansen and Molly Herron – the end products are a piece for solo violin, and a violin duo with Leigh Wallenhaupt! Loewe Theatre is at 35 West 4th Street in Manhattan – admission is free!

Friday, April 29th, 8PM – 10 Years of Anti-Social Music @ Chashama

Anti-Social Music is celebrating ten years of existence by throwing a concert at Chashama. Chashama is at 217 East 42nd Street in Manhattan – Facebook event here.

Saturday, April 30th, 11PM – London Calling @ Sullivan Hall

This Ambitious Orchestra joins forces with the London-based Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra for an evening of Glam, New Wave, and British Invasion with the legendary Michael T as emcee and a live floor show provided by the Rachel Klein Theater Ensemble . Sullivan Hall is at 214 Sullivan Street in Manhattan – 18+ and $10!! tickets here and facebook event here

Sunday, May 1st, 2PM – Jason Pomerantz’s Recital @ Room 303 in Steinhardt

Composition student Jason Pomerantz is having his graduate recital – come see me play in a rock band and a string quartet! 35 West 4th Street, Admission is free, facebook event here.

Sunday, May 1st, 8PM – Toons, Tunes and Trikfilms @ Loewe Theatre

Toons, Tunes and Trikfilms is a collaboration between NYU’s Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television in Tisch School of the Arts & The Dept. of Music and Performing Arts in The Steinhardt School. I’ll be part of a nine-person group, and we’ll perform scores by Cheryl Krugel-Lee, Matt Finan, Jessie Montgomery, David Marenberg, Matt Bukaty, Oh Kyoung Kwon, Ira Newborn, Joseph Bartolozzi and Gregory Polzak live to picture! Loewe Theatre is at 35 West 4th Street in Manhattan- Facebook event here.

Friday, May 6th, 8PM – NYU Contemporary Ensemble @ Loewe Theatre

Come see the NYU Contemporary Ensemble play works by Pierre Boulez, Iannis Xenakis, Jacob Druckman and Julia Wolfe – we’re a pierrrot + percussion configuration and we’re super excited! Loewe Theatre is at 35 West 4th Street in Manhattan – Facebook event here.

Sunday, May 8th, 5PM – Pat Cannell’s Recital @ Room 303 in Steinhardt

I’m playing some sweet tunes by undergraduate composition student Pat Cannell. String Quintet, Fat Bass, Guitars, Singer, Rapper, Drums!! 35 West 4th Street. Facebook event here.