Heather Olson contacted me today. Dunno who she is! Probably should stop letting people on facebook friend me for no reason.

H: hello
Are you there?
P: hi
H: glad you replied back, not good at the moment in deep mess
P: that sucks
H: writing with tears in my eyes, stuck in London i went there on short vacation with my family
P: that sucks too
H: we are mugged at gun point last night all cash credit card was stolen off including cell
P: you are being mugged?
that’s cool that you’re able to facebook chat
while you’re getting mugged
you gotta get your taekwondo chops up, man
H: it was a bitter experience and i was hurt on my right hand
am in a local library right now
P: that’s cool that you can type still
are we talking, like
they chopped your hand off?
because that would be fuckin sweet, that’s like movie material, right there

Heather is offline.

Two observations:
Scammers gotta mix it up. You know how many times I’ve heard that stupid London story? Why London?