Happy new year from Albuquerque! I like how I got texts from my friends at 10PM my time – you all were probably asleep by the time I had my new year (or at least appropriately sloshed!)

The hosts of the new year’s party we went to had an Iron Chef-like cooking competition where everyone brought food based on a special ingredient (cream cheese). Also, they had a band playing 60s rock in the basement. No complaints here!

It also snowed a lot a few days ago – I took a walk in the Sandia Mountain Wilderness while it snowed – very pretty It was snowing hard where I was, but from a short walk uphill, you could see where the storm had cleared up, because the sun was shining.

Views here are great in general – yesterday I could see mountains 70 miles west of me, and then I could see the mountains by Santa Fe to the north. It’s a nice change from New York or Miami, where all you see is the building immediately next to you.

As always, video watching dominates. Here are a few favorites over the past day: