I’m playing in this concert with Argento soon, and we’re playing this piece by Georg Friedrich Haas called Unheimat, and I’m having a lot of trouble counting the rhythms, so I’ve been bringing my metronome in the subway to evaluate my problems as I travel, since it’s hard to justify viable violin practice time for problems that exist primarily in your head (even though I have definitely been using violin practice time to master nontuplets too..)

I was on the R coming from Brooklyn this morning, and a man sits next to me on the train, writes “I like John Coltrane” on the back of his business card and shoves it in my face on top of my music as I’m muttering syllables from the page and developing tunnel vision from rhythmic auto-asphyxiation.

I caught a rank whiff of alcohol as I looked up and took my headphones out of my ears – along with nontuplets, I also haven’t mastered ignoring people on the subway. It is 9:45AM.

The man then says:

“Isn’t Coltrane the very best?”

I am still disorientated from concentrating so hard.

“Isn’t Coltrane the very best?”

“Yeah, he’s.. great.. Sorry. I’m a little in a tizzy right now.”

There are a lot of notes between notes on this page of music. Metronome is still clicking 50bpm to the quarter. I still need to up 10 clicks. Crap. Crap. Crap.

“I was a math major. I remember studying on the train, I understand.”