My Bam case is beginning to really show that it has survived three years of leaning on walls, running to closing train doors, and catcalls by idiots asking if it’s an oboe or machine-rifle or whatever they could think of at the time. Looking at it one day, I was disgusted to see that the once immaculate carbon-fiber face was bespeckled with white, yellow, green, red and brown (oh god).

When I took some cotton and nail polish remover to it, I only managed to make it worse by creating a thin, off-colored paint film on the front of my case.

I have lost all hope. My options are to get a new case – someone I know has a Gewa shaped violin case that I like, but I have a feeling that my other needs at the moment are more of a priority. Dorky violin forums say that the Gewa Jaeger case is the way to go, if I was to go that route, but I’m kind of curious about what the difference is between that and the $88 Chinese model that the same company provides.. Probably a lot. Oh well.

My other option is to get a case cover, which means I’ll actually be able to hold my music in my case again!! Unfortunately, not only are case covers totally dorky, the least dorky one is backordered.

Shar – Cushy
Southwest String – Mooradian
Johnson String – Bobelock

Cushy and Mooradian case covers are almost tied for aesthetic value, which is still pretty low. Arg.