What did I do today?

  1. Stir fry in my wok. Used some carrots and beansprouts in the fridge, and finally busted out the tofu. The tofu actually tasted like something this time! Great job!
  2. Chatroulette. Penis, penis, penis, camwhores that immediately sign off when they find out I’m a girl, more penis, bros with natty ice yelling “SHOW ME YOUR TITS!!!” when they find out I’m a girl, some more penis, and the occasional nice conversation with European people looking to practice their English. However, the overwhelming majority of people on Chatroulette are men looking to masturbate while they watch. Some want to look at your breasts, too. Too bad that’s not an option with me…
  3. Reddit lurking: I have posted more on Reddit today than I have posted in my entire history of lurking on Reddit.
  4. Occasionally looking outside to see that it has NOT stopped snowing.
  5. Organizing my music. I have changed my mind about the albums by Venetian Snares that are not Rossz Csillag Alatt Született, and have come to the conclusion that all of his albums are kickass. Get them now.
  6. Probably more Chatroulette.

I never thought I would get used to lying to random people about what my name is and what country I’m from, but I think Chatroulette has let me develop the skill of creating false identities for myself. There have got to be personality disorders associated with this…