Happy New Year –

Recent News:

  • Still waiting to hear back about prescreening results from a few schools. Wishing they would get it over with.
  • Went grocery shopping today.
    • Epic Fail at getting my act together to submit an application for Aspen. To alleviate the problem of not having this (in addition to the chronic depression and inability to find a recording space because of this infernal schoolwide break) I did the following [see below]
    • Registered for an account on Wishlistr. No more regifting/meeting people in Manhattan or Brooklyn to perform item-for-cash transactions!
    • Delicious account. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I am about seven years too late in catching on to this.

    Forced vacation stupor has forced me to resort to activities such as cleaning my kitchen, contemplating making my own yogurt, and watching Sailor Moon Episodes and clips of Japanese game shows.

    I won’t actually do any of these things (except the Sailor Moon and Japanese game shows, which I have done a lot of) but tagging things on Delicious makes me feel like I’m doing something with myself.