I used my consortium library privileges for the first time today – the circulation desk workers at Scherman had walked away from their desk by the time I had found the scores to Kodály’s Peacock Variations and Brahms Violin Concerto, and there was a service bell sitting on top, with a sign that said ‘Ring for service.’

I pressed the button but held it down too long and a stifled clank noise came out, then I hit it again and the noise cut through the old paper-smelly silence of the 4th floor of Mannes.

I hate bells.

It was so obvious that I hadn’t ever been in the library (though I knew to open the elevator door myself this time, by the way, they replaced the elevator!!) that I turned the wrong way on the way out of the elevator on the 5th floor (apparently, there is no way to get to the 4th floor using the elevator, you have to go up to 5 and use the stairs) and had to ask someone where the stairs were, which was, of course, right next to the elevator but the other way.

The librarian at the circulation desk asked me if the bell made me feel powerful, and I was still so embarrassed at all the noise it made that I said ‘No, I just feel like a dick.’

Thanks for the scores, Mannes! It was a nice field trip, though, especially when I found out that the downtown 1 train was going express this weekend and had to walk 13 blocks to 72nd street. I bought some discounted cashews, beef jerky and a Red Bull from Duane Reade on the way downtown.