The abbreviation ‘TBA’, when put on your schedule at NYU, does not simply mean “To Be Announced”, it means “To Be Announced The Day Of The Class So Your Entire Schedule Gets Fucked And Makes You CRAZY” (meaning, TBATDOTCSYESGFAMYC, or, taking away the unimporant words, TBADCYESGFMYC.)

I was registered for Jazz Theory, and Creating a Career for Musicians (again, HAHAHAHAHHA). Dave Schroeder kicked me out of Jazz Theory because I’m not a jazz major, whatever, fine. I registered, ironically, for “Jazz Improvisation for Instrumentalists”.

Creating a Career and Jazz Improv both had TBA for their times, so whatever. First day of classes comes, and I came back from Kokolo Ensemble rehearsal (see the show on the 17th at The Church of The Ascension, 221 West 107th Street!!!!) at 12:30 to find out that not only had my classes been scheduled that morning, they had both happened at the same time on Tuesday morning and I had missed them both! Argggggg, so I decided (swiftly) that Jazz Improv would probably be more worthwhile, and dropped Creating a Career.

I then dropped the Acting class, since I needed to be available for both orchestras on Friday, and all of a sudden I was four credits short, which caused me to embark on an epic quest for a remotely interesting, not so work-intensive (or at least interesting) four credit class.. here are the gems of NYU classdom..

Transgender Performance and Politics in Tisch – I meant to go to the class, then I didn’t.
Special Topics: Silk Road in CAS – Sounded cool, then I received an email about a reading, read that, looked at the syllabus, and realized this was more about artifacts than I cared for it to be.
Intermediate Conducting in Steinhardt – Would probably have been fun, but I should be practicing instead of studying scores. The Conducting Fundamentals course I’m in is pretty straightforward and will at least keep me interested.
Topics: Latin Music: From Rumba to Reggaeton – Sounded awesome but not as interesting as the course I am going to take. Also, fitting Intermediate Conducting into my schedule sounds like a mistake at this juncture.
E35.1025 – Beverages in the Steinhardt Nutrition department – Wine tasting? Enough said. Permission required and the class is waitlisted. Damn.

There was also a graduate CAS music course on Roma music (WHY WHY WHY CAN I NOT TAKE THIS OMG KILL) and about six billion other courses that looked like too much work.

I ended up taking the Middle Eastern music class. Should be interesting….

Also, Leat, Conrad, Natalie and I played a rockin’ show at Death by Audio today! They have a maze exhibit with lots of art – you can actually get lost in it, and we played in a little chamber in the center of the maze with samples and vocals and sing-alongs and lots of great stuff. Also, Leat, Conrad and I dressed in basketball jerseys, I was pants-less, and Natalie had on a fabulous white lacy bow-gown thing. Fabulous…

Wait, I keep forgetting that I’m in class.. weird.

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