.. and it was awesome!!

I went through a period of college angst rivaling post-breakup levels when Chickpea a)switched to baked falafel b)closed down their location at 3rd avenue and St. Mark’s place and deprived me of their quality (though slightly overpriced) fried, high-fat falafel goodness.

It became a “NAME THIS FALAFEL RESTAURANT” restaurant for a while, then it became “Tahini,” and now it’s “Edna’s Falafel Shop”. Typically, I eat around St. Mark’s all the time because of the $5-6 dollar bento boxes from Sunrise Mart, but absent a craving for Japanese food, and absent my beloved Happy Taco Burrito dining partner Noam, I figured I would try something new. I went to Edna’s Falafel Shop and ordered the $5 meal, which is a falafel sandwich with any of the salad toppings you want and a canned soda.

The toppings were fresh, the falafel was fried (!!!), not too crunchy, not too soggy and not too abrasive – also, I think I fell in love with their spicy cabbage topping. Forever. I think I’ve overcome my aversion of 23 3rd Ave.