Listening, lately – I attempted to make an extended blog entry on what I thought about one particular album to encourage myself to listen to it closely, but that took entirely too long. So here’s the quickie list:

Glenn Gould (entirely the result of Colby’s links on facebook)

(check out the way he ends it!)

Mahler’s 5th Symphony, Brahms’ 3rd Symphony, Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe, Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, more, etc, etc…

I listened to the Hartmut Haenchen/Netherlands Phil recording of Mahler 5 at first (also, at like 2AM, what’s up with that?!) but found a recording of Harold Farberman/LSO today. Farberman is artistic director of the Bard Conductors’ Institute – I’m going up there this weekend to play in the orchestra, so much music! The completion concert is on Sunday.

Soliloquies – New Japanese and Chinese Music for Harpsichord and Organ

Most of the pieces for harpsichord have crazy koto-esque riffs and all of them gave me a completely new impression of  the harpsichord (and music by Asian composers, in general.)

MATA RATONESMore to come – in other news, there is apparently a MOUSE in my apartment.. I bought some goodies for my roommate to put down while I’m away.

I hate mice.. and bugs.. and pests..