.. I’m getting sick.

Getting sick at the end of every semester is very normal for me, however, with my recital coming up, I don’t really want to mess up because of things that are preventable (i.e. sickness, not practicing enough, etc, etc..)

To combat my sickness, or at the very least hold it off until AFTER May 15 (and maybe that weekend too), after which I can be as sick as I want and be all right, I have prescribed myself an emergency health plan.

Stipulations include:
8+ hours of sleep a night
Two to three moderately sized meals of healthy food
Daily vitamins
No Smoking
8-10 glasses of water a day, no soda or alcohol
No more than one cup of coffee (or whatever caffeine equivalent) daily
Maybe some exercise but practice first

To keep track, I’ve made little cards where I can write everything down.

Day 1 So far:
9 hours of sleep last night
6 glasses of water (I have a little red plastic water bottle)
Two boiled eggs for breakfast
Au Bon Pain Turkey Melt for lunch/dinner
Think Coffee Large Tea, and a caffeine pill to ward off the headache, since I didn’t have any ibuprofen.

My head hurts and I feel tired, but it doesn’t hurt to breathe like it did last night. Weather is also better, so I feel happier and more up to doing this..