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Introducing CADIE

Technical Specifications


CADIE’s Homepage, if you had ANY doubts..

Good to see that people still have a sense of humor.. Check the links on the CADIE blog and see how nutty the folks at Google truly are.
Facebook’s homepage is devoid of any extraneous humor, but Reddit naturally pulled something too:

very-funny-reddit A little more obvious, a little less clever, still funny, though. Various subreddits followed suit.


Pics Reddit

WTF Reddit


I made an appointment at the Midtown Apple Store at 12:40 AM, and finally replaced my shitty, dysfunctional, cracked iPod. It’s about freaking time..

Additional April Fools’ Silliness:

very-funny-youtubeTips for viewing the New Layout

Tip #3:
Move to Australia:  As you probably know, everything in Australia is upside-down, so moving to Australia may provide you with a more natural YouTube viewing experience. (Note: If you live Down Under, and the page is still upside-down for you, then we recommended moving to the northern hemisphere.)