Holy crap – this week has been nuts nuts nuts so far! I had trouble getting out of bed this morning, partly due to the crappy weather, but also because my life-craziness seems to ebb and flow, and always flows, deluge-style, at night.

In any case, here are a couple indications that I am alive:

I’ve been listening (after reading about her in this Time Out New York article from like September) to Du Yun’s Myspace almost nonstop since a couple of days ago. She’s awesome in so many realms of music, that it makes my nose bleed. The Knights and violinist Stefan Jackiw are also on there and are also awesome.

Camp Wanatachi went well! I had an awesome time playing with the cast and it was a fun night. KGB Bar was packed afterward..This was a promo video, but this is one of the songs from it. Maybe at some point they’ll put up recordings..

I’m playing a show at The Bitter End with Dan Teicher on Thursday. Sweeeeeeeeet!

I turn 21 in 15 days….. odd..