I keep never having time to update, and the details about my trip to Tokyo will happen again, however, I have a funny (and slightly gross) tale today:

I think that I was either sexually harassed or solicited for a interracial porno flick this morning at the 149th Street-Grand Concourse station on my way to work.

I made my usual trek to work on Saturday morning, heavy-headed and groggy. ‘Emergency’ train work makes for irritating and tedious Saturdays.
Anyway, I took the (local) Q to Union Square and transferred to the 4, then to the 2 at Grand Concourse, and when I was on the (piss-smelly, gum-encrusted) platform, some guy says, huskily:

Man: Hey. Hey, wait a sec.
Me: What?
Man: Hey, I gotta question.
Me: What’s the question?
(He’s also whispering. Creepy?)
Man: You’re like, Asian, or White, right?
Me (obviously not thinking:) Asian.
Man: Yeah, so… does it hurt?
Me: ..What? Oh my god.

I walked far, far, away from that side of the platform and made sure the creep was in a totally different car on the 2 Train that took me to Pelham Parkway.

I got Dunkin Donuts during my break later that day, and Da is going back to China… he was doing so well, too. His mother invited me to stay in Wuhan, if I was ever able to visit. Maybe…
I also had a conversation with Erxi about a Japanese cartoon with striking similarities to Pokemon.