I’ve been trying to ease my neighbors into my practicing habits by easing back into practicing myself — every day, I gradually increase the amount of time I practice.
For a little while, I was trying to practice with a heavy metal mute, but I noticed that when I took the thing off, I sounded much more out of tune than I did with the mute on. The metal mute must kill some of the overtones, or something. I figured that the heavy mute did more harm than good, and practice within what I believe are reasonable hours. Typically I’ll start around 12pm (if not later) and go until maybe 8pm or 9pm (I usually stop to eat and pee and do all those cute things and watch TV and take lots of little breaks, hehehe.)

Because I’m paranoid that my definition of ‘reasonable hours’ is not the same as that of my neighbors, I was trying to find some guidelines for practicing in an apartment using Google..

From a New York Times article, published March 31, 1920 –

The instrumental and vocal music issuing from the house next door to that of Victor Herbert, the composer, caused Mrs. Herbert to appeal to Magistrate Sweetser, in the West Side Court, yesterday, for a summons for Mrs. L.A. Turner of 323 West 108th Street, chaperon for eight “musically inclined” young women, who Mrs Herbert alleged, play the piano and the violin and also sing from “early morning till late at night…”
“That practicing all day long is driving us almost crazy,” said Mr. Herbert last evening. “We hear it before breakfast, and it doesn’t stop until quite late at night..”

(more information on Victor Herbert, a cellist, composer and conductor)

I wish I played the cello sometimes — it seems like everyone will listen to the cello before any other instrument. Was picking the violin a mistake? I found some forum threads addressing the issue at hand, including a thread by a guy named Hakon whose neighbors called the landlord, and a saxophonist that talks about various things like soundproof the room..

…Maybe I should just resign to having my neighbors hate me, forever.

Happy New Year! I made cookies yesterday! Pictures to come .. :)