(or, diyos ko, nag-suSUCK ako ng Tagalog…)

Uh, so my mom called me the other day, but meant to call one of her Filipino friends.

Mom: “Kumusta?”
Me: “..Mabuti.”
Mom: “…Wait.. Who is this, is this Isabel?”
Me: “No, it’s your daughter?”

Apparently, she was really confused because my accent is retarded.

Patti’s favorite movies today.. (she loves paula deen, obviouslyyyy)

Paula Deen’s San-which-ess from Heaven, bestowed upon us by the Heavenly Heaven-being of Heavenful Heaven-ness…..

The Paula Deen Diet (obviously a parody)

The Paula Deen Memorial.. in Butter.. THE BUTTERWRANGLERS ARE BACK