I started teaching at the AiCenter yesterday, and…


You can learn to play the chinese zither (I always called it koto, but who cares!) I want to play it so badly. damn. Anyway, the apartment hilarity is settling down; I don’t have blinds on my window still and I need a dresser and a real mattress, but other than that almost everything seems to be finding a place.

I’m probably going to go to IKEA (there’s one opening in Red Hook on June 18. It’s going to be a madhouse, but I really want to go check it out around opening time, because there’s a sweet sweepstakes going on. Even if I don’t win, I get to go to IKEA, and if i did win, then I get to have some sweet IKEA stuff.

IKEA stuff (more for me than you) that I want: Sultan Forsen Mattress, MALM 6-Drawer Chest (it’s black!). I need some sort of chair too, I was thinking of getting a beanbag, a CD tower, and damnit, I still need to put my blinds up.

The guy at the hardware store cut them too short. My mom is coming up here with the rest of my music and a shoe holder (!) for my closet, which is still sort of messy. She can take the mountainous suitcase that almost killed my roommate when we dragged it here.

The F train decided to become the D yesterday. I never want to walk from that stop without a bike… ever again. God.

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This sucked yesterday. Apparently, the trains stopped working because there wasn’t enough electricity. What’s with that? :(