I… uh, have too much stuff. I am trying to figure out a psychological approach that counteracts my urge to constantly accumulate more and more and more stuff… because.. it took five trips to and from Coral Towers with a big cart before I was completely moved.
I’m still sorting it out. Disgusting.

As I watch Joe Dirt on the television, some links to sites:
Life organizers – Get rid of Clutter in an Hour or Less: Typical. Says to get rid of the clutter in steps.
Article: Coping with the Emotional Aspects of Clutter Cleaning: ” Letting go of regrets about your present clutter will help free you from the fear of regret that drives the accumulation of future clutter”.
Get Rid of the Clutter, Tips to Simplify Your Life from Family Circle:”Four reasons to reduce clutter: Clutter wastes time – People spend valuable minutes/hours searching for lost items buried under clutter. (Ten minutes a day looking for misplaced items wastes sixty hours a year.)
Clutter wastes money – When any item is buried in an abyss, you end up buying a duplicate, even though you know you already own one.
Clutter wastes energy – You have to clean it, work around it, or move it to get behind or under it.
Clutter is dangerous – It can cause household accidents.”